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Digital Marketing & SEO for Wineries




Search engine optimization or SEO is the foundation of any strong online presence. The largest part of natural traffic comes from natural search engine searches users resort to find their point of interest. It is our job to help you find and rank for keywords that will bring you the most valuable traffic.


— Google Ads

One of the most reliable ways to reach specifically targeted traffic through PPC (Pay Per Click) ads is using Google Ads. We offer our vast experience in identifying the right audience for your marketing campaigns, as well as consulting on future campaigns, conversion tips and other aspects of a Google Ads campaign.


— Social Ads

Social media networks are a permanent part of our everyday lives and they offer a lot of opportunities to businesses that know how to utilize them. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all can be utilized to reach out to a specific audience and establish a brand presence that solidifies business brands. 


— Email Marketing

At the core of everyone’s digital life stands one or more email address. In the face of all the modern forms of online marketing, it may seem to a casual user that emails are obsolete but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. A well-organized email campaign can help wineries expand their customer base and establish long-term relationships. Our experts are ready to help you with all aspects of organizing and running a quality email marketing campaign from beginning to end!


— Public Relations

The digital environment provides a lot of opportunities to find, engage and convert potential leads. Still, this isn’t possible without a well thought through PR plan. Good PR is one of the crucial aspects of establishing a trustworthy and recognizable brand presence. Our best practices for public relations are based on experience in working with companies that are a part of the wine industry and we use them to help new clients grow.


— Consulting Services

Our consulting services are also at the disposal of new clients who have established digital marketing efforts but want to improve them. Feel free to contact us with your questions and our experts will help you find solutions for under-performing aspects of your online marketing efforts. . Our experts are proficient in utilizing your potential to represent your brand in the best light possible.


They changed our lives!

“One of the issues we had with establishing our brand in the digital sphere was that we were stretched too thin. All of this changed when we managed to sort out priorities thanks to the people at Marketing for Wineries.”

A Brighter Future For My Winery Business

“We ran into a lot of problems when we started promoting our winery in the online environment but the “Marketing for Wineries” team really helped us sort things out!”


Marketing for Wineries was founded in 2016 by a team of marketing experts who have a love for wine and the art of making wine. This mutual love for wine helps us really dig deep into the industry and provide our clients with nuanced advice that works for their particular brand. Our team is our family and our goal is to conquer the wine market along with our clients!

Marketing For Wineries is a specialized digital marketing company that helps wineries, vineyards, and retail liqueur stores conquer the digital realm and reach fine wine aficionados around the world. Every person on our team is a oenophiliac and our passion for wine is what drove us to focus on helping wineries with their digital marketing efforts.

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